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With the heat index stuck the 90’s recently with close to 100% humidity, I crave 3 things:  ice cream, beer, and all varieties of slushy drinks (preferably a Pin͂a Colada).  From wine slushies to spicy lychee slushies, nothing cools you down like a refreshing icy cocktail.   The worst part is, not everywhere serves frozen drinks. […]

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National Prosecco Day- August 13th, 2016

There’s not a day that goes by that’s not worth celebrating, so here’s to life!  Pop some bubbles and celebrate National Prosecco Day this Saturday, August 13th. Prosecco, hailing from the village Prosecco, a suburb of Trieste, Italy is actually a Slovenian name for “path through the woods.”  The Glera grape, which flourished in the […]

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barHappyGames Medal Contest

The games in Rio are in full swing right now, and we’re giving our readers the chance to win a $200 Visa gift card if they can correctly predict the right amount of medals team USA will win! For your entry to be eligible you must do ALL of the following otherwise you will not be […]

Hoppy IPA Day!

This Thursday, August 4th is National IPA Day! Being a hop-head myself I cannot wait to spend my Thursday night trying different IPAs to celebrate this fantastic… necessary holiday.  The craft beer scene is exploding with so many varieties of IPAs, there’s one for everyone!  Just last year, the most-entered category in the Great American […]

Margaritas on my Mind

I don’t always drink Tequila…But when I do, it’s in a margarita.  Fruity margaritas, to spicy margaritas, on the rocks, or frozen, the summer sun puts me in a margarita mindset.  Here is a list of some of the greatest margarita recipes for your next get together.  My favorite is a combo of the fruity […]

Brewer Interview: Charles Backmann of Cypress Brewing Co.

At Cypress Brewing Company in Edison New Jersey, beer does not fall short of full-bodied flavor.  A 2 BBL brewery that opened July 2nd, 2015 with 3 owners Charles Backmann, William Lutz III, and Jason Kijowski, Cypress, is pushing the envelope with their craft styles of beer and flavors.  They tap several different beers a […]

Punch for ‘Murica

Happy Birthday America!  Celebrate your 4th of July weekend with one of these fabulous patriotic punch recipes!  Surrounding yourself with friends, family, barbeque, and superb cocktails is what this long weekend is for!  So have your friends over and supply them with these wonderful jugs of punch to keep them cool in the blazing sun. […]

The Guide to Pudding Shots

For your next party, leave the Jell-O shots behind and make room for sweet, delicious pudding shots.  Far superior to the Jell-O shot, pudding shots are great for dessert, or as a daytime party snack.  About 4 boxes of pudding can yield up to 200 pudding shots.  And if you are hosting the party, your […]

Best Summertime Beer Games

It is officially summer!  The barbeques have started, the beachgoers have made their pilgrimage, and the beer games have made their way into every backyard party.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a family party, frat party, or a hangout at the beach, beer games are a necessity.  There’s nothing better than hanging with friends all […]


Drinks for Dad

This Sunday is a day to celebrate the love between father and child…And there’s no better way to say, “I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day” then with bourbon!  Leave the fancy umbrella toothpicks, pineapples, and flowers for another day, and pick up the beer and scotch.  Wow your father with some of these stiff […]